TMJ massage in Brighton – could it be the answer to your migraine, grinding teeth or jaw ache?

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint disorder – a condition, associated with jaw pain, that could effect up to 1 in 4 people in the UK.

Common symptoms include earaches without infection, headaches, tenderness of the muscles around the ear, neck, jaw, face and shoulders, teeth grinding and difficulty swallowing.

It can be caused by stress, whiplash injury to neck, dentures, lots of dental work and heavy phone use where the phone is cradled between chin and shoulder (Jing institute for advanced massage).

If your doctor or dentists diagnoses you with TMJ or you suspect your symptoms might be muscular in origin then massage may help. Treatment includes a range of techniques to encourage muscles to release and dispel trigger points (areas of hypersensitivity within the muscle) and any associated referred pain. It will most likely include treatment to the Masseter muscle, the powerful muscle used for chewing.

Treatment of this muscle requires your therapist to work inside your mouth – one of the few occasions where a massage therapist is required to put on surgical gloves. This aspect of the treatment can be a little bit uncomfortable but is brief and usually very effective where the jaw is tense and the teeth gritted. Other aspects of your treatment are more relaxing and include gentle work around the scalp and neck – focused work that can be profoundly relaxing.

The following therapists at Natural Balance Therapies are trained in treating TMJ: Mark Alexander, Marta Rumian, Steve Mason.