Although called sports massage, many of the techniques I use on athletes and physically active people can be used to alleviate problems induced by working or everyday activities.
90% of my clients have postural issues or pain, discomfort and restricted flexibility caused by working at a desk, a computer, driving or child care.
The human body was not designed to sit at a desk for hours and repetitive or little movement can cause many long term problems. Sports, deep tissue and sometimes Swedish massage can help to relax or re-align muscle tissue, aid posture and promote flexibility and movement in muscles, joints and the musculoskeletal system as a whole.
Massage combined with exercises and stretching techniques can ease the aches and pains of modern life.

If you are physically active with sport or the gym it is very important to stretch properly and have regular massage to help to release and realign muscle fibres. Over use or continuous use of muscle groups as in running or weight training can cause the muscles to become tight or over stretched and this is when injuries occur. Regular treatments can reduce the risk of injury, promote flexibility and circulation and boost performance.

The body is an amazing machine and can be put through many ordeals but all machines need an M.O.T and a service regularly and should never be taken for granted.
Listen to your machine!