July 2016 will mark five years since I started working at at Natural Balance Therapies and although the time has passed very quickly I continue to feel blessed by the the knowledge and experience I have gathered through working with many different therapists and treating a plethora of people from numerous nationalities, countries, backgrounds and careers over that time. 

Each new client gives me an opportunity to learn something new for future treatments and to share the knowledge I have already gained with them.

When I started working with here I had been massaging since 1989 but in in 2011 I was offering sports massage, deep tissue and Swedish massage as well as Indian Chair  and Thai foot massage. I have since added Hot Stone Massage, Waxing, Male intimate waxing and also became a Reiki Master and teacher.

By learning so many different techniques I am well equipped to pluck elements of each area to be able to fulfil a clients treatment needs. This way each massage can be an individual experience and work where its most effective.

As a reiki master I am also working on healing your energy as well as your body and so can improve your wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually and can combine gentle massage with deeper sports techniques and balance the treatment with healing.

So for those of you I have already met, thank you for the opportunity to treat you and for those of you I am yet to meet, I look forward to that moment.

Darren Currell

Darren works at Natural Balance Therapies on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays. Check his availability here