Life Coaching in Brighton and Hove

with Michael Laffey

Life Coaching is a talking therapy focused on moving you forward; setting goals & objectives, allowing focus, achieving balance, addressing what you want to change and how. And most importantly setting these out in a way that is highly personal.

You need to know up front that Life Coaching is not counseling. It does not focus on fixing deep rooted issues. These should always be addressed with an appropriate counselor.

Life Coaching encompasses all aspects of your life:

Personal Growth

.. as well as where & how you want to live. It can allow you to achieve balance across these or it can focus on specific areas you feel require attention.

FREE Introductory Session – 30 mins

Everyone operates differently and each person’s requirement of a Life Coach will be unique.

The skill of the Life Coach is to help ask the right types of questions, to understand you and what is important to you, to tease out the knots of issues which may be holding you back and in doing that allowing you to formulate your own approach, timelines, priorities and actions to move forward and have more of what you want.

It is my role to facilitate a set of outcomes & solutions which are entirely driven by you.

Our sessions will allow you:

  • To speak freely, in confidence, safely and without any hindrance
  • To feel listened to and understood
  • To identify what is working for you and why
  • To identify what is not working for you, what you want to change and why
  • To understand what matters to you and why
  • To create solutions & approaches which you are in complete control of
  • To leave & to remain motivated

Not all of the work is done during our sessions. You will often need to take steps outside of these. The good news is that that’s where all the good stuff really happens!

Session & Packages

FREE Introductory Session – 30 mins

Single sessions – £75
Block of 6 sessions  – (pay for 5) £375
30 Days intensive – (4 sessions plus unlimited e-mail support) £450
Me-O-T – 2 hour power session £135

Call Michael for more details.


Life Coaching cannot be booked online. Please contact Michael directly on 01273 782781 quoting Natural Balance Therapies.