Male Waxing Prices

Premium Service

Code Description Price
G62 Back & Shoulder 40 mins £30
G63 Chest & Stomach 50 mins £30
G64 Arms & Hands 45 mins £35
G65 Full Leg incl. feet & toes 80 mins £60
G66 Buttocks only 30 mins £25
G67 Brazilian (derriere)* Buttocks and crack 50 mins £35
G68 Brazilian (front)* 60 mins £45
G69 SC (Sac & crack only) 90 mins £70
G70 BSC (plus Back) 120 mins £80

*You decide how much hair is removed.

Can’t see the treatment you want? Send us an e-mail or call 01273 771441.

The time needed for each treatment is just an approximation. It can vary considerably depending on the density or your hair growth.

Why choose our Premium service?

We use high quality advanced waxes designed specifically for male waxing. These waxes shrink wrap around the hair so they do a great job whilst being less adhesive, which in turn means less pain and kinder to your skin.

We also allow more time for each treatment so that we can do a good job. Men’s body hair is often coarse and deeply rooted – working too fast can result in the hair breaking rather than being pulled from the root.

For more details on the natural balance male waxing service click here