Indian Head / Chair Massage

Indian Head Massage

‘This vigorous but relaxing massage, using nourishing coconut oil, gives relief for tension in the neck and scalp.’

Do you remember how great it felt when your mum used to wash your hair? Massaging the head is extremely relaxing and no other massage spends so much time focused on the head and scalp.

This massage takes place with you sat in a chair and can be done either fully clothed or wrapped in a towel. Following the Indian tradition, coconut oil is applied liberally during this massage, nourishing the skin and hair.

The massage moves are vigorous to generate heat and encourage the muscles to relax. Areas of the body included are the shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. If you suffer from tension headaches, migraines or tight shoulders this is the massage for you!

Chair Massage

This massage is done fully clothed in a seated position and includes massage techniques to the upper back, neck and shoulders (great if limited for time). As the massage is done through clothing its best to wear just one layer made from natural fibers to avoid any aggravation to the skin.