Acupressure Seated Massage aka On-Site-Massage (OSM)

Acupressure Seated Massage aka On-Site-Massage (OSM) originated in California in the early 1980’s by David Palmer, a Traditional Chinese Masseur. Inspired by the Traditional Chinese art of healing called Amma, this ancient technique was adapted to a specially designed, ergonomic chair. It was developed to counter-balance the rise in use of PC’s and sedentary type work.

As with Amma (and similar to Shiatsu) there are meridian lines running through our body connected by acupressure points. Each Meridian line relates to a different organ and by pressing on the points stimulation occurs deep within the body. The Kata (ancient word for sequence) developed for OSM specifically focuses on Elimination (lungs, kidneys large and small intestines). When eliminates occurs the body de-stresses and rapidly revitalisies.

OSM is an invigorating treatment, performed over the clothes with no use of oil. Using the thumbs, elbow and forearms, it deeply penetrates and energises the body. If you need a wake-up call; you need OSM!

Chair Massage

Deep tissue massage can be adapted to the chair. This is useful for those with difficult getting on and off a couch. Or those allergic to oils. If you have a busy schedule and need a quick fix between your daily meetings, this is ideal (ie to avoid the ‘bedhead’ look post oil massage!).

This massage is done fully clothed in a seated position and includes massage techniques to the upper back, neck and shoulders (great if limited for time). As the massage is done through clothing its best to wear just one layer made from natural fibers to avoid any aggravation to the skin.

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