Massage in Brighton

Brighton, a relatively small city on the south coast, is fast becoming the UK’s number one centre for therapeutic massage. Well know for it’s progressive open minded population, the city now has a high density of massage centres and massage schools offering a wide range of services from clinical massage to pampering spas.

Whilst not completely scientific if you compare the number of listings on Yelp for say Manchester vs Brighton, Manchester lists 1 massage business per 5000 population compared to Brighton’s 1 per 2000 population – a significant difference. Several of the UK’s top massage schools are based here including the Jing Institute and The College of Classical Massage.

The University of Brighton also runs a Foundation Degree in Complementary Healthcare, a 2 year full time course which includes advanced clinical massage in its syllabus. So what makes massage so popular in Brighton? Well in part it is the open minded population (remember this was the first city to elect a Green MP to Westminster) who are pro ‘natural’ solutions that focus on preventative well being rather than reactive ‘traditional’ medicine.

It is, like many seaside towns and cities an active place to live with great parks and, of course, a sea front perfect for running. The Brighton Marathon in just 4 years has become one of the top 12 running events in the UK. Finally like much of the south east Brighton has a relatively wealthy population, in part due to it’s proximity to London (commutable in an hour).

So if you are looking for a good quality therapeutic massage and some healthy sea air too .. head to Brighton.

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