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Exercise for older adults

We all know that exercise is something that we should be doing throughout our lives due to the many health benefits associated with exercise. As we age we tend to drop away from sports – athletes and sports performers in football, rugby, hockey are thought to be ‘past it’ when they reach early to mid […]

Do you suffer from the miseries of Hay Fever?

Hay fever season is here again but as more and more people are suffering, many are looking toward natural remedies such as salt therapy for some relief. Between 15 – 20% of the UK population suffers with hay fever which is caused by allergens including grass and tree pollen. Hay fever varies from mild forms […]

Tips for enjoyable and pain-free gardening season

Warm Up and Stretch: As with any form of exercise, stretching must be done before and after the activity. Take a short brisk walk first to warm up your muscles and get your body in work mode. Stretching should target your back and core, shoulders and arms, and leg muscles. Minimize Repetitive Motions: Don’t try […]