Need a neutral and objective Listener? Try our Life Coach in Brighton.

I came to Life Coaching because it worked wonders for me. I don’t hypothesise about ‘how’ it could work. I actually believe and am a result of what it does do.

Imagine: a busy corporate career, demands of delivering multiple projects, managing your reporting lines, managing teams, playing tag with timezones, extensive travel, family commitments, relationship commitments, career advancements, extra study, falling asleep within seconds of reaching home, comfort eating (because it’s easy, not!)….oh and trying to find the energy for a personal and fulfilling life! That was me.

I met with a Life Coach when I knew all the priorities were wrong. Regular sessions allowed me to maintain focus and to get to a point where I was able to clarify what I wanted in my life, make those changes and genuinely become much happier in how I live. I still review it all on a regular basis. So every time I come to a life coaching session I am genuinely enthused about seeing the possibilities people have and being part of the process in supporting that to happen.

So why work with a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a neutral & objective listener who can help you to remove your problems and find solutions to the things you want in life. In the outside world you have friends who will listen to you. They are also part of your life; so they may not be able to be as impartial as you need. Also, you may not be able to be 100% honest with them. An easy ear can be an easy out by telling you what you want to hear.

Life Coaching isn’t simply about Goal A being achieved by X Date. You can add that approach to the list of lists you’ve possibly dropped by the wayside many times.

Life Coaching is about:

  • Understanding why you need to do what you want to do
  • Connecting with what it means to you
  • Talking out the options & permutations you have available to you
  • Making you responsible for managing your change
  • Being supported throughout
  • Knowing that change doesn’t work in isolation. There are all manner of external influences impacting our decision making, not to mention what I call ‘change creep’ where what you want can bring all manner of benefits into all areas of your life (for example; your family, your relationships, your health, your wealth, how & where you live)
  • Crystalising your thoughts into real language. Once you can fully articulate what you see in your head and feel in your gut you can then lay the groundwork for the best DIY project you ever delivered


  • Life Coaching is what I call “the full-360”. It gets to the heart of why change must happen and how it touches every part of our lives
  • It removes frustration. We all know there are direct associations between how we feel and act, Making those positive connections is what coaching can do for you and equally disassociate those negative thoughts harbouring procrastination
  • Understanding your emotional state, your readiness and what is stopping you making any type of change is where I focus & function best.
  • I love the fact that Life Coaching is not passive. It requires thought, planning, supported dedication and tangible results

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