Deep Tissue Massage

‘What if you could get relief from muscular knots and tension….you might sleep better, have improved posture and feel more focused.’ Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage effective for muscular tension, assist repair after injury, relieve trapped nerves and muscular pain.

Deep pressure is applied using thumbs, forearms and elbows helping to stretch out muscles that are shortened and tense.

Whether you’ve overdone it at the gym or work long hours at a computer, this treatment will help free up your body and improve flexibility. If you suffer from knotted shoulders, tight legs and glutes or lower back pain then book your massage today!

Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage with Hot Stones

Why you should add Hot Stones to your Deep Tissue Massage.

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Using hot stones allows the therapist to work deeply more quickly adding to the therapeutic effects of the massage. This can be particularly effective where muscles are sore and the deep work alone too painful. Hot (and sometimes cold stones) are used throughout the treatment to help relieve pain and dysfunction caused by postural problems, stress and sports injuries.

or try these amazing combination…

Reflexology & Deep Tissue Massage

For the best of both worlds why not combine deep tissue massage with relaxing Reflexology – feel amazing from top to toe. £65 for 75 minutes
Available with Steve, Mark or Marion.

Deep Tissue Massage with Acupuncture

Combining deep tissue massage with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture £55 for 60 minutes
Available with Steve.