After some gentle (and not so gentle) encouragement from our resident triathlete Davide, a number of us here at Natural Balance signed up to ‘The Bright 10’ 10-mile run in October.

We have been training hard over the last month or so, doing a mix of running at our own pace plus at least one group session a week on the seafront or at Preston, Hove or Stanmer Park.

We have all found the group sessions by far the most enjoyable, training is so much easier with others! Plus we have the benefit of Davide’s training plans and Natasha’s amazing post-run yoga sessions to keep us supple. There have of course been plenty of post-run coffees and chats as well…

These coffees led to discussions on how we can help support a local organisation here in Brighton & Hove through our run. Lisa and Matt had been to an amazing evening at Brighton Soup, a fun, community, ‘Dragon’s Den’ style evening that raises money for a range of local groups. So our next coffee was with ‘Team Soup’ to get some ideas on where we could focus our fundraising efforts.

They told us all about Rhythmix and we love what they do! Rhythmix is a social welfare charity that provides opportunities for music making to people in challenging circumstances, such as those living with dementia, through its Wishing Well programme.

£260 can be used for a music session for a group of people in a dementia unit to engage with relatives through music.

We are hoping to raise £520 to pay for 2 of these sessions so would be incredibly grateful for any donations, however small.

We still have plenty of training to do but we are all making great strides, and looking forward to the big day. You can follow our journey on our Facebook page or on our Just Giving Page, as we get closer to our race date, and our fundraising target…

Thank you!

The Natural Balance Running Team

Mark, James, Matt, Davide, Lisa, Lucinda, Nathalie, Natasha, Emily, Pete, Seth, Rachael & Alex

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