Dynamic Thai Offer – With Russell Halil

“Do not stop the movement to find peacefulness. Find Peacefulness within the movement”.

Chinese proverb

£7 off Thai Massage with Russell Halil

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So what is Dynamic Thai Massage you may ask? Dynamic Thai Massage is a dance (so to speak) between the giver and the receiver that has a heavy focus on rhythm and movement. Movement is a fundamental principle of life, and within movement there is normally cyclical patterns that consist of waves such as breathing, peristalsis, heart beats, blood flow, lymph flow etc. So you can see how important movement and flow is to our body’s in order for them to stay healthy and disease free.


Like a single drop in the ocean sends waves through to the shorelines, Dynamic Thai Massage will focus on sending beautiful vibrations and harmonics through your body, allowing you to truly let go and surrender yourself to Shiva’s dance.

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As our body’s are nearly almost made of water, it is very important that if you have lost fluidity within yourself, that you look to restore it so that you can live a healthy and productive life.  Dynamic Thai Massage is like no other Thai Massage as it will truly resonate within your very being. It is not painful at all, in-fact it is extremely gentle and can be considered as a ancient lullaby to allow you to drift off; only to return with your senses fully awakened.

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Dynamic Thai Massage also includes Oscillatory Osteopathic techniques. These techniques will free up all of the body’s joints and stiff muscles. It will unblock areas and ignite stagnant muscles and nerves, leaving you feeling invigorated and completely at peace with the world.

The treatment can last up to 2 hours, you will have a choice of 90 minutes or two hours. The treatment is floor based in a warm dimply lit (candle) room (Thai Style). You will be fully clothed in baggy and comfortable clothing throughout the treatment. No oils are used.

This treatment is suitable for nearly every person and age group. Contraindications for treatment would include recent Whip-lash or neck injury, or any acute or sub-acute spinal problems or chronic inflammation or early stages of cancer.

£7 off Thai Massage with Russell Halil

Book before end of March 2014