Hot Stones are relaxing enough on their own. The heat of these special Basalt Stones soothes the mind and body immediately. Combining these heated stones with chilled stones creates a chemical reaction in the body.

Firstly, the heat from the Basalt stones relaxes the muscles causing the blood vessels to expand, followed by the use of cold stones on an injury area causing the blood vessels to constrict. The heat ensures a good flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the injury area and the cold flushes away any waste materials and relieves internal bleeding from the site of the injury.

This flushing mechanism is excellent for treating all types of injuries and anywhere there is congestion in the body such as neck, shoulders and arms. It’s fantastic for treating Repetitive Strain injury, whiplash and frozen shoulder to name a few.

Stone therapy is a deep treatment that promotes detoxification in the body by flushing toxins through the lymph glands.

Not only that! … It feels so relaxing, your mind switches off and all stress goes away! Well – at least for the time of your massage anyway! Hot and Cold Stone Therapy, also called Geo-Thermo Therapy, is available with Angela at Natural Balance Therapies. Book as a Hot Stone Massage and add the comment ‘Add cold stones’.