By Matt Brabner, Osteopath.


So, I made it through #bluemonday yesterday. The day in January that is supposed to be the most dour and miserable, as the festive period wears off and financial realities and the dark nights take hold. I have never understood the negative connotations of the ‘blues’. Blue to me is gorgeous sunny blue skies and sparkling seas, not misery.
Yesterday was however devoid of blue in any form, drizzle ruled…
Having just been lucky enough to have been in a sparkling blue sea that was a bit of a trial, so how did I cope…


The festive waistline needs tackling so I dusted off the Nutribullet. I haven’t created a depressingly unmanageable list of 2017 resolutions, just some simple goals along the lines of ‘more veg, more running and less crisps’. So with a grimace I drank a concoction of kale, carrot and avocado, made more palatable with a load of blueberries. It wasn’t an Instagram food porn classic, but it meant I could head up to London on the train for work feeling lighter and more positive. Plus I managed to get past M&S without nipping in for some emergency salt & vinegars and a packet of Percy Pigs!


A planned meet up with one of my favourite fellow osteopaths Karen Lemon led to me getting a full assessment and treatment! I had a niggle in my right hip from a run (after a long hiatus I have to admit!) and I had a bit of Netflix neck and upper back from too much TV on the sofa. It was wonderful being a patient as my hip tension was released and my neck and back felt reconnected. My right foot was also given a new lease of life!

– A RUN –

Well – I organised one… I do need some motivation to head out into the cold so we reformed the weekly running group we had at the end of last year with my gorgeous colleagues at Natural Balance Therapies. So we will be powering along the seafront on Thursday with my hip and foot in top form.

– THE REST OF 2017 –

So the Nutribullets may not last, and I may get tempted by some crinkle cut crisps, but I have a running plan and a goal of a half-marathon, and I have reminded myself of the benefits of a full assessment and osteopathic treatment.
If you are feeling any niggles, aches or pains after too much or too little exercise or activity then please feel free to drop me a line. I won’t force a muddy blue NutriBullet on you, I promise.

Matt Brabner is part of the osteopathic team at Natural Balance Therapies in Hove. He works at Natural Balance on Tuesdays and Sundays (aka “The Sunday Osteopath”)!

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