If you have regular massage, experience will have taught you how to get the most from it. If you’re new to massage or perhaps not getting the most from it, here’s our ‘Six ways to ruin a good massage!’

  1. Turning up late. You’ll be amazed how quickly that 60 or 90 minutes can disappear as your body (and mind) starts to relax and melt into that ‘half asleep’ state that a great massage brings. In a busy therapy clinic there’s often someone booked straight after you so don’t miss out and turn up on time.
  2. Chat, chat, chat….there’s nothing wrong with having a good natter with your massage therapist. some people may even find talking helps them to relax, but for others falling silent is an important part of relaxation and helps calm the mind. If you stay quiet your therapist will also pick up that you want some ‘silent time.’
  3. Whale music vs waterfalls – this one is purely subjective and some people actually prefer complete silence. It’s your massage so make sure you let us know so we don’t unwittingly torture you with music you hate lol!
  4. Don’t say what you want. Your Natural Balance therapist is a massage expert and can guide you in terms of treatment BUT if you like a really firm massage, hate having your feet touched, easily get cold or find the face cradle is hurting your face – communicate these things at the start or during the massage. We want to deliver an excellent treatment so your timely feedback will help us do that.
  5. Not drinking plenty of water – always drink plenty of water following a treatment. Whilst the Jury is out on whether massage can speed up the bodies natural ability to detoxify, one thing is certain… 90 minutes in a hot treatment room will leave you dehydrated!
  6. Straight back to work – ok this may be unavoidable but what we’d really like you to do is go home, chill and get the maximum benefit… not go to the gym (and tighten those muscles up again) or wonder aimlessly around a supermarket (in your post massage daze!)

That about covers it but let me know if you have any other tips!

Mark Alexander 🙂

Mark is a Massage Therapist (and Director) at Natural Balance Therapies in Hove. He specialises in remedial treatments including Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage.

He is also an Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. Away from Natural Balance he also delivers the Business Management module on the University of Brighton’s Foundation Degree in Complementary Healthcare.

You can contact him at mark@anaturalbalance.co.uk