Massage gift vouchers in Brighton & Hove

With 39 days till Christmas, for most of us the thought of doing any Christmas shopping seems rather premature. Of course there are those uber organised people who do their Christmas shopping in the January sales and some how manage, 12 months later, to find all the things they squirrelled away… I wish I could be that organised!
This year, more than ever, the importance of not ‘wasting’ money will be apparent. A combination of economic gloom and a growing environmental conscience means the days of the credit fueled Christmas buying frenzy are gone. Today’s Christmas shopper is calmer, more organised and definitely more discerning. They are also more likely to shop online…  a massive 10% of all retail sales are now online in the UK.

In the past I always thought of gift vouchers as the gift of last resort – if you can’t think what to get it was the safe option. Now for many the reverse is true with gift vouchers being the first choice.

“The UK’s gift card and voucher market is currently in good health, having experienced its highest ever year-on-year increase in sales according to the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA). Overall, the market has seen a growth of 15.6 percent in gift card and voucher sales in Q1 of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010.”

Massage gift vouchers like any ‘experience gift’ are very different to your generic store gift voucher. A voucher for Boots or WHSmith says.. ‘here’s some cash…. go spend!’ Giving a massage gift voucher is different in that it says so much more than this.

A large percentage of our gift vouchers are bought by existing clients so the voucher says ..”I had an amazing massage with…xxx and I think you would benefit from seeing them too!” When not bought by an existing client the purchase of a massage gift voucher often says “you deserve some pampering or ‘me’ time.

My favourite scenario is where the voucher is given to someone who has never had a massage before and would never in a million years buy themselves a treatment. Not wanting to waste the voucher the client turns up and more often than not they are completely blown away by how the treatment makes them feel. With a new awareness of their body and where it feels tight or constricted they start to have regular ‘maintenance’ massage with all the associated health benefits.

If you know someone in Brighton & Hove who would benefit from one of our professional massages why not give them a gift voucher this Christmas. You can buy massage gift vouchers online and either have them posted to you first class or if you prefer receive them instantly by e-mail 24/7 for you to print out and give immediately.

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