If you’ve already experienced an aromatherapy massage you know how amazingly, relaxing it is. It’s not just the slow, soothing massage strokes that are used over your whole body, its the combination of the essential oils that would have been carefully selected for your individual needs that help you to drift off and completely unwind.

Essential oils can be used in the comfort of your home too and without massge. Using a drop of Lavender on your pillow can give you the most peaceful of sleeps. A drop of eucalyptus or camphor in a bowl of hot water can help to relieve cold symptoms of a blocked nose and stuffy head. A drop of tea tree used straight onto the skin can help with insect bites and stings. Burning oils in a burner or adding them to a diffuser or room spray can lift your mood, especially oils like Geranium or Sweet Orange.  A few drops can be used in a bath too. Lemongrass will liven even the most tired person up for a night out, or alternatively Chamomile will get you ready for bed.

Adding oils to a face oil or home made face mask will help to rejeuvenate your skin, Rose, Neroli or Bergamot are great for this. Make sure you buy pure essential oils rather than perfume oils unless you want it as a fragrance and and never take them internally or use through pregnancy.

Speak to one of.our trained Aromatherapists if you want any advice on purchasing and using oils or better still book in for an Aromatherapy massage at Natural Balance, we can mix a blend to suit your needs including insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, digestive and circulation problems, or just for pure relaxation.

Look forward to.seeing.you soon.

By Lucinda Jones, Aromatherapist at Natural Balance Therapies in Hove.

Lucinda works at Natural Balance on Monday’s, Wednesdays, Thursdays .. plus one Saturday a month. To check her availability and read more about her click here.