I often hear people talk about having a facial before a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, Christmas party, holiday treat or when using a gift voucher. I find them deeply relaxing and love working with organic products. The results after a facial are instant with the skin looking brighter, clearer, nourished and radiant.

Having a professional facial is a completely different experience to doing it yourself at home. The skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated and can include steam and extractions. We all have different lifestyles, exercise regimes, diet, working environments and methods of de stressing. All of which can have an effect on the condition of our skin. Having a consultation before a facial will give a good indication on the products to use and areas which need extra attention.

A facial also includes a massage to the head neck and shoulders. We hold a lot of tension to the upper part of the body and the muscles in the face are constantly being used when speaking and expressing emotion. I don’t think we realise how much tension we hold in the face until having a facial. Massage techniques used in a facial stimulate the circulation, rejuvenate and encourage cellular renewal, plump up the skin and help to smooth out fine lines.

Our skin also changes according to the season. In winter, exposure to cold, windy weather and central heating can leave our skin dry, dull, grey and dehydrated… lacking vitality.

I have explored countless skin care brands and trained in many facial treatment techniques. After 20 years of experience and having a passion for natural well -being I only use Natural organic products. Using organic skin care is putting into the skin what nature intended. After all, why would we want something absorbing into our skin that we wouldn’t want to eat?

Natasha Quinn is a Massage Therapist, Beautician and Yoga Teacher at Natural Balance Therapies in Hove. She works with the Neals Yard skin care range offering products to suit all skin types.  She recommends facial’s as both a regular maintenance treatment for the skin and also as a perfect pampering experience.