Why did you decide to train and offer this treatment?
One of the reasons I wanted to train in Warm Bamboo Massage was because I had been working with Hot Stone Massage for many years and adding heat to a treatment had always been really popular with my clients. I was intrigued to try it so I had a treatment myself to experience the feeling and effects first hand. I had a combination of Warm Bamboo with Deep Tissue Massage. It was one of the best massages I have ever had.

How does it complement Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep Tissue Massage can sometimes feel intense but less so when combined with the bamboo massage. The heat that comes from the bamboo helps relax the body and prepares the muscles for deeper work. The treatment flows beautifully and it feels very natural to have the warm bamboo rolled over the body. The bamboo sticks not only stretched open the muscles, they also can be used to treat trigger points, areas of hyper sensitivity within the muscle, helping the therapist to work deeper than might be possible with deep tissue massage on its own.

How did you feel when you received this massage yourself?
Extremely relaxed and stretched out from head to toe. When friends and colleagues asked me what it was like, I found that the best way I could describe Warm Bamboo Massage was that it felt like being lovingly ironed out with a giant warm rolling pin, in a really good way 🙂

Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo?
If I was to compare Hot Stone to Warm Bamboo, I would say that the stones are effective for working larger areas, while the Bamboo can be used to effectively target specific muscles which enables me to work at a deeper and more therapeutic level.
I have found that Warm Bamboo is especially effective when used alongside advanced techniques including Myofascial Release, as is releases restrictions in the  connective tissue, fascia, that surrounds and permeates the muscles.

“I had a deep tissue massage with hot bamboo from Tracey, and it was honestly the best treatments I’ve EVER HAD! I was intrigued to try something different and there’s no looking back now, I will be recommending her and the treatment to everyone I know! It was relaxing, recovering and Tracey was extremely detailed to work deep into my knots and aches. Absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so so much!” .. Rosie

Is it more for relaxation or clinical work like Sports?
Warm Bamboo combines well with Sports Massage. I find that runners in particular can benefit because it gently stretches tight muscles without feeling painful which allows me to work deeply within their comfort level. This is especially effective when treating the IT band, hamstrings, quads, calves and gluteal area. I have found that regular treatments during training, helps to prevent injuries and speeds up the recovery time especially after an event such as a marathon when it is a great treatment to promote recovery.

I have been working with Warm Bamboo for over 5 years now and I continue to see fantastic effects with it. If you haven’t tried warm bamboo massage I would encourage you to come and see me. It is one of my most popular treatments and a personal favourite I look forward to sharing with you.

Tracey Reynolds is a Massage Therapist at Natural Balance Therapies in Brighton & Hove. You can read more about her here.