With the holiday season here, for some guys this is the only time of year their backs get a good airing, on show to all (well, fellow holiday makers!). 

There are two things that guys sometimes feel self conscious about  – hairs and bad skin! 

(To our female clients .. apologies. This is all about the male back, but feel free to forward this to any men you feel might be interested!)

The Hairy back

Some people love the ‘bear’ look but for others the hair on their back is embarrassing and if dense may even stop them getting a decent tan. Getting rid of this hair is relatively easy and the back wax is one of our most popular treatments.

The experience does vary according to the density of hair growth but I did once have an exceptionally tired client fall asleep whilst having hair removed.

For those with dense growth it can be painful … But it’s over fairly quickly and the results speak for themselves! Look younger in an instant. 

The back wax is offered at our Brighton & Hove clinic by Darren, Natasha, Steve and Mark 

The spotty tired back

I recently came back from a two week holiday and noticed the skin on my back felt rough and bumpy  and I could see a few spots. The effects of drinking and lying in the sun, smothered in ‘pore blocking’ sun tan lotion, had clearly taken a toll!

I tried scrubbing my own back but after nearly dislocating a shoulder decided the easier option would be to book In for a citrus back scrub with my colleague Natasha.

She applied a citrus scrub which got rid of all that horrible bumpy dead skin, extracted (the professional term for squeezing) black heads and finally moisturised with tea tree oil in a coconut oil base. This 30 minute treatment left my skin smooth and glowing. 

The citrus back scrub is offered at our Brighton & Hove clinic by Natasha and Mark