Many women during their pregnancy find the idea of a relaxing massage appealing, the perfect remedy for increased emotional and physical stress. Massage Therapy can however also improve a variety of other health issues commonly experienced by pregnant women and new mothers. Unfortunately many women are not aware of these resources and are missing the opportunity to address physical discomforts they may be experiencing.


Issues that Occur During Pregnancy and Can Be Improved With Massage

-Changes in gait can occur due to postural changes causing foot issues including Plantar Fasciitis, Pes Planus and general calluses.

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can occur from edema in the body compressing the median nerve in the arm.

-Piriformis Syndrome (a milder version of Sciatic pain) producing pain, tingling or numbness in the buttocks or down the leg.

-Increase in breast volume can result in tenderness and pain around areola.

-Meralgia Paresthetica, the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve is entrapped and compressed within the thigh due to shifts in body weight and positioning. The anterior and lateral region of the thigh typically experience itching, burning, numbness, aching or touch sensitivity.


Issues That Occur Post Pregnancy and Can Be Improved With Massage:

-Exhaustion, overall mental and physical fatigue

-Breast tenderness and or mastitis (inflammation) chafing of nipple or general pain

-Postural pain in the upper back and neck

-Desire for core strengthening and improving scar tissue mobility and appearance from C-sections (generally two months after cesarean birth)


There is of course a possibility Massage Therapy is not able to help with every ailment, but there is also a possibility something can be done to reduce the discomfort or pain that is affecting the quality of your day to day living. There are a variety of techniques massage therapist can offer in a single treatment session including myofascial therapy, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, prescribed self care, lymphatic drainage, and trigger point work. Discussing the ailment can even allow Massage Therapists the opportunity to recommend alternative types of therapy that could be more effective in treating specific issues. Open communication is crucial for a client to express health issues with their therapist. This allows goal setting and effective treatment planning by the therapist to reach those goals.