Waxing for Men (including the Back, Sac & Crack)

We are Brighton & Hove’s biggest Male waxing specialists offering back and chest waxing, plus intimate male waxing including the Back, Sac and Crack wax (BSC). Book online plus late appointments available

If you like your hairy back, great. If not, click on our online booking system and grab yourself an appointment now. Get waxed without the embarrassment of visiting a beauty salon!

For a list of male waxing treatments and prices click here.

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We’ve even given all our waxing treatments a code that can be quoted when booking to save any embarrassment if you choose to book by phone. Of course the easiest option is to book online from the comfort of your own home.

‘My aim is to make the ‘Natural Balance Grooming for Men’ experience as stress free and male friendly as possible ….and being a male therapist helps as I just think ‘what would I like if I was having a treatment?’
Mark Alexander

It used to be that amongst men only athletes and body builders bothered to get rid of unwanted hair but today over 60% of men get rid of some of their body hair through either shaving, waxing or using creams.

Waxing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of removing hair from the body. Whilst the first experience of waxing may be uncomfortable it only needs to be repeated every 4-6 weeks and with each visit the process becomes easier.

For more information please read our Male Waxing Fact Sheet which explains what’s involved, what to do both before and after your treatment.

For a list of male waxing treatments and prices click here.

Still not sure? Why not e-mail me for some confidential advice. Mark