Sports & Remedial Massage

‘Sports Massage is an effective treatment for muscular problems from physical activity, poor posture, repetitive actions and stress’

Natural Balance TV

Mark and Richard explain the benefits and demonstrate Sports and Remedial Massage. Also includes a demonstration of Lucinda working and an interview with Jen from Ora Fitness.

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Running the Brighton Marathon or Half Marathon?
Read our blog here about how Sports Massage can help you to reach your goals.

Sports massage takes different forms depending on the outcome required:

Rehab Work

This Sports Massage will focus on speeding up recovery following injury or long term muscular problems. It is suitable for both active people, such as athletes, and inactive people such as people who spend long periods in front of computers or driving. It is great for treating muscle spasm/strain.

Specifically we can help with pain and dysfunction associated with

Rotator cuff / shoulder muscles
Neck muscles
Lower back pain
Piriformis syndrome and associated sciatic type pain
Carpel tunnel problems
Tight hamstrings and calves

When booking please let us know the nature of the problem so we can ensure the most qualified therapist is available.

Pre-Event / Pre-Exercise Work

This Sports Massage focuses on getting people ready for physical activity. The main objectives are optimising performance and injury prevention.

Post-Event / Post-Exercise Work

This Sports Massage focuses on speeding up recovery time following physical activity, essential if you are serious about your sport or gym work. This treatment can play an important role in helping reduce the impact when training for endurance events such as the Sussex Beacon Half Marathon in February or The Brighton & Hove Marathon in April. We already work with many Brighton based runners to help improve their performance and help deal with their aches and pains when they occur.

Important Note

Sports & Remedial Massage is not all about massage! A one hour treatment will involve a range of techniques to get the best result for you. Facilitated stretching is a major component. A typical treatment will involve:

  • Assessment General/Swedish Massage (warms tissue/identifies problems)
  • Deep Tissue Massage Techniques (realigns & stretches soft tissue)
  • Neuro Muscular Techniques (treats hypersensitive tissue / trigger points)
  • Muscle Energy Technique (stretching)
  • Soft Tissue Release (stretching)
  • Re-Assessment

For more details on Sports Massage in Brighton please call us or if you are ready to book then click here.